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Welcome to Himalayan Nature

Founded in 2000, Himalayan Nature is an international conservation research institute, initiating scientific research on Himalayan floral and faunal diversity and the broader environment. It is an independent, not-for-profit organization actively working on emerging issues related to the conservation of natural resources, and the improvement of living conditions of people in the Himalayan region. [+] Read More...

Red List of Nepal
On 4th October 2009, the Nepal Animal Red Data List Committee was formed with Director General of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) as Chair. The committee's main objective was to review the status of all animals found in Nepal in a step-wise manner. The committee members comprised experts from different organizations[+] Read More...
Revised Documents on the Red List for Birds of Nepal

Please find the latest bird species accounts along with the distribution map. Any comments will be highly appreciated

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Red Data Page.


HN News Coverage 2014
News Coverage
Himalayan Nature Celebrating World Wetlands Day- 2014 !!!

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Himalayan Nature Organized Vulture Conservation Workshop

Since few years Himalayan Nature is actively working on Vulture Conservation Program in Koshi Area. As a part of vulture conservation program a workshop entitled Role of veterinary technicians and local community in vulture conservation was organized on 31 Jan 2014. The program was conducted at KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) headquarter, Kusaha with joint effort of Himalayan Nature, Ramdhuni Community Forest User Group and KTWR. Altogether 41 participants participated in the program representing several veterinary institutions, community forests and local organizations.
In the workshop Senior Program Officer of Himalayan Nature -Tulsi Subedi presented the paper focusing on importance of Vulture Conservation on life support system, declines and cause, role of local community, veterinarians and local organizations, and urgent stoppage of illegal use of human diclofenac for the vulture conservation. 

News from Jatayu Restaurant, Koshi
Since 2013, Jatayu(vulture) Restaurant has been established in Ramdhuni Community Forest, Mahendranagar, Sunsari, with joint effort from Himalayan Nature and Ramdhuni Community Forest. In the short time vulture restaurant is depicting the success in vulture conservation because of rapid increasing of vulture number (including globally endangered White-rumped Vulture) visiting the restaurant. The restaurant is now getting more crowd and sometimes vulture do not get proper place to perch and roost. Therefore an expert team installed artificial perch nearby the feeding station.  

Link for vulture news

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Project Updates on Gaidahawa Lake Conservation
Vulture Poster



Largest Conservation Poster in South Asia
Target Country: Nepal
Large Size 40" x 28" --- printed paper 2000 copies
 Small Size 24" x 18" ---  printed paper 3000 copies
Glass-framed 4
Woodmounted 10

Poster Project on Vulture Supported by


We have distributed the posters in many districts of Nepal through our staff, members and partners. If you wish to distribute vulture poster in your area please contact us. We suggest that the large size poster should be framed or wood mounted for hanging in public places.

Distributed so far in percentage




Vulture Conservation through Community Managed Vulture Resturant
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Decade on Biodiversity

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Latest Nepal bird bibliography

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Themes, Projects and Activities
Himalayan Nature has carried out different programs and activities on the conservation of flora and fauna in various parts of the Himalayan region. Depending on the nature of programs, we collaborate with different grassroots organizations on varied activities. We work mainly, but not exclusively,  on the following broad themes.
Based on our own rigorous scientific studies and years of experience of the Research Fellows and staff...
Climate Change
Climate change is emerging as the biggest threat to human and wildlife communities...
Biodiversity Conservation
Himalayan biodiversity is irreplaceable. The contribution of the World's major conservation organizations...
Education & Appreciation
Conservation outside protected areas can be achieved only when communities understand and take responsibility for conservation programs ...
Community Welfare
Conservation of nature can be achieved more easily in an aware and well-to-do community than an aware but impoverished community.
Restoration Program
Species and ecosystems are best in their natural forms...
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