Water Bird Count

The first internationally coordinated waterbird count was organised in January 1967. Now in its 52nd year, the International Waterbird Census has become a vital source of information for the conservation and management of wetlands and waterbirds around the world. This is the story of one of the world’s most important and valuable monitoring programmes. The waterbird count in Nepal started in 1987 and for 2019 it will be running on its 32nd year! We invite you to participate and support this work.

Wetlands International is a global organization that works to sustain and restore wetlands and their resources for people and biodiversity. Like the year before, Himalayan Nature is acting as the nodal agency in Nepal for providing support to Dr. Hem Sagar Baral, National Coordinator for Mid-winter Water-bird Count for Nepal, nominated by Wetlands International. The count dates for 2019 are from 5 to 20  January. For participation on the water-bird count  please write to hem.baral@gmail.com or contact the local coordinators, Sanjeev Acharya for east Nepal, Bird Education Society for Chitwan valley east section, Tiger Tops Tharu Village (DB Chaudhary) for Chitwan west section, Jhalak Chaudhary, TigerMountain Pokhara Lodge for wetlands of Pokhara valley, Sharad Kumar Singh for wetlands of Lumbini area, Bardia Nature Conservation Club/Ram Shahi for Bardia, Bird Conservation Network Ghodaghodi for GLA, and Dhiraj Chaudhary for Shuklaphanta National Park.

Please send group images to put it in the waterbird count site to research@himalayannature.org

Please send your count records to hem.baral@gmail.com