International Vulture Awareness Day 2019

July 7, 2019

Himalayan Nature celebrated International Vulture Awareness Day 2019 by organizing various activities. In collaboration with other conservation organizations (Japanese Society for the Preservation of Birds - JSPB, Asian Raptor Research and Coservation Network - ARRCN and Nepalese Ornithological Union - NOU), on 5th September we conducted vulture count event around the rubbish dump of Pokhara, where 171 Egyptian Vulture, 2 White-rumped Vulture and 2 Red-headed Vulture were counted. On the same day we have discussesd with the workers of rubbish dump about the status of vulture and threats. On 6th September we organized an interaction program with the local people of Kande (nearest settlement from Thoolakharka Raptor watch site). This program was participated by approximately 50 local people including chairman of the Annapurna Rural Municipality ward no.1.,  members of mother groups and youth clubs. In this program Tulsi Subedi and Sandesh Gurung from Himalayan Nature has highlighted the status of vultures/raptors and HN  work on the conservation of raptors. Additionally, questionnaire was conducted with all participants to collect information about their knowledge on vultures/raptors, feedback to plan future consrvation activities with the active participation of local communty and expective livelihood opportunities from the Nepal Raptor Conservation Program. We have also distributed posters, leaflets and stikers about the vultures and other raptors. On 7 September a vulture watch/birdwatching event was organized around Thooakharka raptor watch site.


Moreover, a Bird Watching and Tree Plantation program was organized in Koshi Bird Observatory (KBO), in the eastern Nepal. Local students actively particpated in the program where they planted trees of different species in the premmises of KBO. It is hoped that the planted trees will provide shelter for birds in the future.