Rescue and release of a King Cobra

August 19, 2019

King Cobra, a globally threatened snake was found within the settlement of Ghartikhola, Palung in northern Makwanpur on 17 August 2019. The snake was captured by a local person and kept at his home. On 18 August 2019, a team of forester from sub-division forest office, Palung and policemen from area police station Palung reached to the site and took the snake in custody. Forest staff disseminated scientific information on King Cobra and tried to convince the local people about releasing the snake into the nearby forest but they were not convinced. Forest office and area police station contacted Himalayan Nature and requested us to facilitate in harmonizing the situation. We requested them to keep the snake safely at the forest office. Later, we reached the office and requested them to carry out the needful paper works. Thereafter, the snake was taken to the forest away from the residence and safely released back into the wild in the presence of forest staff. An adult healthy male King Cobra happily returned to his own kingdom.

King Cobra release Palung.jpg