Community-based Conservation of Chinese Pangolin in Bhaktapur, Central Nepal

Among the four species of Pangolin found in Asia, two  species occurs in Nepal and are protected by national and international laws. However, they have received very little scientific attention. Locals perceive Pangolin to have magical powers and are considered a great delicacy in Nepal. Importantly, illegal forest exploitation and its trade due to a lack of awareness in rural poverty and non-functional government are threatening Pangolin populations. After the successful study on threatened Pangolin in Lumbini, Chitwan, Balthali and Bhaktapur we have established and strengthened community based Pangolin conservation area in Taudalchaap community forest, Bahktapur district. The Pangolin conservation project is supported by The Rufford Foundation, Forestry Bureau – Council of Agriculture Taiwan,  District Forest Office Bhaktapur, Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation and  Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal(FECOFUN) and Taudalchaap Community Forest User Groups.